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We are once again on the lookout for people interested in helping run the blog!

About a year ago, the moderator form was first posted, and now, over a year later, we are once again on the lookout for new moderators. If you are interested in helping run the blogs (this one and/or our partner blog), moderator forms are now available here.

The blogs have been somewhat inactive as of late, but I am hoping that, with the addition of a few more lovely ladies and gents to the etiquette staff, this will change. Moderators will be expected to help shift through submissions, write rules, and make sure the blog(s) run smoothly. Some will be assigned individual tasks such as updating tweets, maintaining a text version list of the rules, answering questions, etc., but this time around, we are mostly looking for writers.

If you choose to fill out the form, please take your time. It will be up for a couple days (I will give everyone a heads up before taking it down), and new moderators will hopefully be chosen and contacted by the end of the week.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season.

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